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Relax and Reflect

This year I did not deviate (not totally) from my traditional birthday retreat. Like the previous 2 years, I stayed at a Wyndham resort and I spent half the day at the Emerald Grande Spa. It was so cool since I was able to receive my spa treatments on my actual birthday (unlike the previous years). The staff was so pleasant and carried out the pampering instructions they received (from a special someone). It was a much needed relaxing weekend. I couldn't have asked for anything more. It goes back to “cherishing you”. We all can use some time to step away from our hectic schedules to relax. Relaxing and reflecting are good for the soul. It allows for us to be refreshed so we can continue fulfilling our purpose. So, on your birthday, remember to celebrate you, however you choose. Just set aside your special day for you!

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