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In a private one on one session, assessments/consultations, and personalized fitness programs are designed. Training can occur in the privacy of one’s home or personal

gym. Structured specific programs for cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss,

post rehabilitation and strength training are offered.


Core strength, cardio, muscle tone, posture correction and nutritional advice are just some of the target areas of the Personal Training program. Whether it is losing pounds and inches, reducing body fat, or increasing energy, possessing one on one coaching will enhance goal-setting and accountability.  


If you’re not local, don’t worry   Total Body By Roni offers Virtual Training  and Distance Training. Today’s technology makes this form of training very effective. The personal attention provided will enable one to improve his/her overall health; thus, achieving desired goals with  professional guidance.  


Exercising in groups can be both rewarding and motivating. Group fitness sessions are an effective way to motivate friends and families to exercise, get physically fit and stay active.

                 FREEDOM CLIMBER

The freedom climber offers physiological benefits such as hand/grip strength and dexterity, core muscle & stabilizer muscle development, eyehand coordination, cardiovascular improvement, improved flexibility, balance, and stamina.

                    RELAXATION THERAPY 
The relaxation room offers peace and tranquility while surrounded in plush comfort! Experience the massage chairs that will take you to another world!!
                    BE AT EASE EXPERIENCE

“Be At Ease” with a group of friends laughing and letting go on the

freedom climber, experiencing the relaxation room with massage chairs

and foot massagers and enjoying heavy hors d'oeuvres in the lounge!

                  CORPORATE WELLNESS

Creating a fun, health conscious work environment will boost employee morale.  It will also assist them in attaining a healthy lifestyle by offering fun exercise, nutritional advice and a valuable support system. These resources will provide employees an opportunity to refresh and refocus mentally and physically. Total Body By Roni offers team building activities which are a part of the Corporate Wellness plan.

                   HEALTH EDUCATION

Knowledge and understanding of your health will lead to a healthy lifestyle. An          in-depth awareness of various health conditions and diseases will allow you to make the necessary lifestyle modifications to improve your overall health.  


Total Body By Roni participates in Health Fairs, and conducts Community Health Awareness campaigns and Health Seminars.  These resources are essential to the community in that they educate individuals on how to prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Total Body By Roni is committed to making a profound difference in a community’s overall health and well-being.


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