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Cherish You!

Written by Roni

I had an amazing birthday! Normally, I take a trip and celebrate my birthday with someone. Since that is no longer an option, I had a choice to make: do I sit and think about what I could be doing if things were different or do I create my own birthday celebration? So, I chose to create a special retreat for myself and spend my birthday this year with ME…YEAH! I went through the process of choosing where to go and what to do. So I thought, it’s time that I embrace my state (Florida). Enjoy where I am and create something special for myself right here and near. When I spoke of my plans to a few family and friends, some asked, are you really going by yourself? I said, YES!

Therefore, on Saturday I travelled to Destin, Florida and stayed at the Wyndham Majestic Sun. Upon my arrival, I received a free upgrade on my room (due to a mix up of rooms).. YEAH! I had already received a free upgrade on the car I rented because the size I reserved was not available… Woohoo! I arrived late so I settled in and got immediately in the jacuzzi and relaxed for the rest of the night. The next morning, I attended a resort presentation. I was motivated to go because of the incentive of receiving a $100 American Express card. After the presentation, I received my American Express card and went shopping for the rest of the day…. getting great deals! While speaking to the concierge when I checked in, I expressed that I wanted to get a massage as a birthday treat. Therefore, she made me an appointment for Monday at the Emerald Grande Spa for a massage and pedicure. So on Monday, I spent about 4 hours at the spa enjoying the lounge area, sauna & steam room after my massage and pedicure. It was so relaxing! Afterwards, I walked around the HarborWalk Village looking at the various boats and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Later that evening I took myself to dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack, nothing fancy but I love seafood. I thoroughly enjoyed myself because I had the entire restaurant to myself the majority of the time! No really, it was as if I reserved the entire restaurant for myself because no one else was there. No, I didn’t sit there in silence. I was on the phone (headset) with a friend the entire time. After dinner, I went back to resort and went to the indoor pool. I didn’t stay in the pool long because the water wasn’t warm enough for me. So, I went back to my suite and enjoyed the last night of my vacation by relaxing and listening to music. The next morning (Tuesday, my actual birthday), I cooked breakfast and ate on my balcony. I thoroughly enjoyed my view of the beach. It was so beautiful and soothing. Afterwards, I packed up and headed back to reality.

I am so glad that I created this celebration for myself. It was the best vacation that I’ve ever had! It was such an awesome experience. This was me cherishing myself! I’m so grateful that I have learned how to embrace where I am and create the experience that I desire. I offer up gratitude and appreciate the life I’ve been given. Is my life perfect? No, absolutely not. But I understand more and more about embracing where you are in life. Several months ago, I adopted a new mantra, “I trust God that everything is as it's suppose to be”. I have to say this often to myself to stay in the present.

Relaxing is essential to living a stress free life. And sometimes relaxing involves putting yourself first. Therefore, I recommend to everyone: relax, cherish you and create the experience you want!

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