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Get Fit At Any Age!

Written by Roni

I'm so proud of my client, Art. He finished the Sprint Triathlon in 1 hour 58 minutes 24 seconds. His best record yet! A Sprint Triathlon consists of a .35 mile swim, 15 miles of biking, and a 5K run. When he first started training with me, he hadn't entered a triathlon in 5 years! Therefore, his goal was to get "in shape" so he could return to competing in triathlons. Art was determined & worked very hard. Since then he's completed 11 triathlons: 3 Olympic Triathlons (Olympic is swim-.92 miles, bike-25 miles, run-6 miles) and 8 Sprint Trialthons. Not bad for a 66 year old! Art is a great example of getting fit and staying active at any age. I'm extremely proud of his determination and accomplishments!

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