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"After double knee replacement, my range of knee bend was 90 degrees less than a week after the surgery. I was able to go up and down stairs and even could ride a stationary bike. My therapist said she had never had a client, even one with only one knee replacement, ride the bike a week after surgery. I was able to get myself on and off the bed and could even put myself on the CPM machine (a device that bends the knee to a set degree for an hour at a time). All of them attribute my amazing recovery to the fact that I had worked so hard to improve my fitness level and, thanks to Roni, had my upper body and leg muscles so strong.  If you are considering joint replacement, I would highly recommend that you join the gym and get your body prepared. That was the second best decision I made prior to my surgery. The best decision I made was hiring Roni as my Personal Trainer. She knows what she is doing." Catherine Stone, Retired Teacher, Marianna, FL



"Distance Training:  A clear, easy to follow workout plan using basic gym equipment. And Roni, a constant cheerleader to keep me motivated. The distance, a non factor!" Sabrina Clay, TV News Producer, New York, NY


"We here at Florida Public Utilities take wellness serious, so to get the program off the ground, I contacted Health & Fitness Specialist, Ronstance Pittman. She came in and explained the importance of our stretch program and how to properly do the exercises.  We appreciate the time she took out of her schedule to help our program to be a success.  Thanks Ronstance!" Rhondon Gray, Safety Coordinator, Florida Public Utilities, Marianna, FL

"Ronstance is highly knowledgeable about health and fitness. The exercise program she designed for me increased my flexibility. Before I started with Ronstance, my flexibility was very limited. I wasn't able to

touch my toes. However, four months into the program I was able to touch my toes both standing and sitting down. The program also enhanced my cardio-respiratory capacity. By the end of my time with her, my endurance level was the highest it has ever been in my life. I also saw significant gains in my muscle mass as well as my core strength." Dr. Ralph Herold, OD, Atlanta GA

“My weight has gone down from 288lb to 249lbs! My range of motion in my shoulder has increased.  The strength in my legs has allowed me to be able to walk up stairs with ease. I have learned to use my abs with proper training, therefore relieving pain in my lower back.”  SFC Leon Kelly, Retired US Army, Marianna, FL

"I worked out with Total Body By Roni Distance Training program and I can honestly say this was a great decision as I began to receive feedback on my body from friends and acquaintences.  I was shocked at the amount of feedback given to me as I did not know if it was noticeable at first but the inches and pounds slowly began to shed away. The experience of working with Roni was positive as  I was given regular weekly workouts and coached by her on a weekly basis about how my week went and what areas I had successes and challenges in.  Roni provided guidance and support to help improve in the areas I struggled with and given a diet plan that supported my health and weight management goals.  She was sensitive to my needs and encouraged me by providing ideas and feedback to help improve my process regularly.   I highly recommend this program as it allows you the flexibility to work at the pace you need and the ability to see the results on paper by tracking your success.  Thanks for your help Roni!"

Victoria K. Lewis, Human Resource Manager, Los Angeles, CA

"Ronstance's presentation was very professional and informative. The material and presentation of it was very relevant. The listerners were very attentive and found the information to be very helpful." 

Rev. Riley J. Henderson, Moderator-Second West Florida Baptist Association,  Marianna, FL

"Roni was always there by my side, encouraging me, giving me feedback, coaxing me when I was ready to give up and putting up with my dry sense of humor!" Faith Georgia Powell, Sign Language Interpreter, Atlanta, GA

"Roni was wonderful. She helped the group achieve a goal of weight loss by being the trainer for our Fit Challenge" and "Biggest Loser". The participants were thoroughly challenged and engaged in her fitness plan." Shan Pittman, Director of EIWOF Project Impact, Marianna, FL

"I was so out of shape and I couldn't do anything without giving out of breathe. I’m leaner and in shape. I’m now in a size 10 dress from a size 14. I can actually jog up to 5 miles at a time. Roni is great and easy to work with!” Renee Grubbs, BS, RN, Staff Development Coordinator, Marianna, FL

“I wanted to get in shape and become physically fit.  It had been 13 years since I exercised.  Over the course of time, I gained weight and started to feel tired all the time.  Since training with Roni, now I exercise 3 times a week, feel better and I have lost 22lbs!” Kenneth C. Baker, Ed. S. Educator, Marianna, FL

“I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 8!"   Pastor Jackie Pittman, Co-Pastor EIWOF,  Marianna, FL

“My biceps are larger ad stronger. It’s easier to get up and down on from floor/ground.  My calf and thigh muscles are stronger. My aerobic condition has improved. I can accomplish more silviculture work longer!” Captain John Alter, US Navy-Retired,  Marianna, FL

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